Have you heard about me?

👋 i’m Kilian Perez

I've been living in the UK for 6 years. Originally from Canary Island and this last period I have been providing Web Development and Design to small business.

Is it your case? You already know what to do...

Every day there is much work to be done

A professional IT Technician for over 5 years.

Experienced in Large IT companies like HP, IBM, Lenovo, etc… A young entrepreneur with different upcoming projects.

Passion with Web Development\Design getting experience in different coding sources like HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP. In the last season, I have started to do some collaborations with Altitude Web ( Hosting provider ), Travel Radar (Aviation Newspaper), EspiritTech (Web Development/ Design agency) & KOBU SMART UK (IT Services company).

If you are firmly confident to get a Website to trade your business. This is the best opportunity to contact me and start to work with you. Are you interested to increase your revenue by 20% each year? Contact me and discover how.

Web Design

Attractive design and colours always get some engagement into the User Interface to the spectator.

Social Marketing

Develop and increase you audience is pretty important if you need to get new targets in your business.

Web Development

Experienced in deploy Infraestructure in IT and services. Experience in coding and any kind of troubleshooting.

Business support

Supporting every kind of business to develop themselve into any market.

Are you still interested to work with me?

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